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We visited your Instagram and this message is for a business.

We are Cellromax, which is a Korea brand, and have 160 kinds of cosmetic product and health functional food(supplements). These are provided to more than 3,000 pharmacies in Korea and we are expanding our business overseas. Our sales last year were 17 million dollars and our Cellromax products are the first pick among pharmacists here and they are purchasing our products for themselves first before they resell in the pharmacies. It means there are thousand people(pharmacists) who are satisfied with our products and have been earning enough profits by recommending Cellromax Product and we are trying to share this chance to SNS Influencers in the States.

We are expanding our business overseas using Affiliate Program in our shop with SNS influencers. So, we are contacting Instagram Influencers(like you) in the States to review our products and to join as our Affiliate Influencers. Products will be given for free first time

Involving this suggestion might be stepping out one more step to make your reviews profitable and more valuable. The rate of repurchasing of Cellromax is very high and you get Lifetime commissions from every purchase of your visitor.

[Our Shop] https://cellromax.com

[Company] https://cellromax.com/company

[Affiliate Site] https://cellromax.com/affiliate

※Have you heard of the cosmetic manufacturer, COSMAX? 

It is the world-class cosmetic OEM/ODM company in Korea and they make L’OREAL, LAMCOME, YVESAINTLAURENT, LAP, DR. Jart+, MAYBELLINE, NU SKIN, and other major cosmetic brands’ product. Very well qualified cosmetic brand can produce their product from COSMAX. We contacted them and overqualified with our domestic infrastructure. So, they agreed to be our OEM manufacturer and we changed to COSMAX. We have been working with them and 20 new products will be released from the end of this year until next year.


1.We will inform you how to apply and join our affiliate program in another notice(we will need your information to deliver samples such as address, name, and etc)

  • You will order samples in our shop(cellromax.com) to try by purchasing them using 100% discount coupon. For the payment, you have to choose Cash on Delivery. When you check out, the delivery cost remains but it’s okay. We pay for it. We will give you detail guides if you reply to our request or you can visit here and check now.


  • You have to join our affiliate program, so that you can have your own affiliate link.

2.We provide our product to you for free and you can choose 2 Cosmetic product from our lists.

3.Please, leave your reviews on your channel(Instagram) like you have been doing.

4.After joining our affiliate program and leave your own affiliate link of your product to your posting or comments, so that your follows can see the link.

When people can visit our Shop through your link and some purchase products, you get 20% of commissions from the sales. If they buy something else later from our shop without your link, you get commissions again and again. Our system recognizes them as your visitor.

5. To leave reviews of our products are exactly the same as what you have done so far on your Instagram, but the only thing different is to add your own affiliate link on your post or on the comment. That is it. Very Simple and Easy!

I hope this message could be a good chance for you and our company. Thank you so much for reading and you can ask us whatever you want.

Warm Regards,

Cellromax International Business Team

*Cosmetic Product(Cosmeceutical) List*

(For detail information of each product, please visit https://cellromax.com/product-category/cosmeceutical/)

– Cellromax Repair Cream(Apply this to the wounded/surgery part and the recovery will be so much faster than before. You can use this as your eye cream as well.)

– Cellromax SOS Therapy Spot Care(You can use this one directly on the acne spot. After applying it on the acne, do not rub it and leave it as it is, and then go to sleep!)

– Cellromax SOS Therapy Pore Cleanser(You can use this daily)

– Cellromax Venus Rose(100% natural Rose Oil and we used the most expensive rose oil / Relief of menstrual pain / Odor removal )

– Cellromax Foot Exfoliant(It makes your foot soft from corneous. Use it before going to bed and put on socks after using them on your feet)

– Cellromax Foot Cleanser Exclusive(It gets rid of bad foot smells)

*We will deliver more products to the States soon for testing and selling.


*Please, watch videos below.

Cellromax Company Introduction

Cellromax Affiliate Program, the way to join and use it!

A Doctor’s Review of Cellromax Product

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