A. We use the paid software for you to track your order with only one click or touch.

When we input the DHL tracking number to your order, automatically you will receive a notice and you can search it. Just a click away!

A. Unfortunately, customers can not choose a certain shipping company at this moment.
We provide safe and fast delivery with carefully chosen couriers such as DHL.

A. You can cancel your orders before we send your order to the warehouse for international shipment.

A. Yes, depending on your individual physical condition, you may get more sick.

It is a kind of 'Myeonghyun' reaction, and please regard the part that was not good for my body as a process of getting healed(ex: breaking blood stagnation or repairing various parts of the body) due to the health functional food I took.

If the pain is severe, reduce the dose, but take it steadily to maintain a healthier body than before. 'Myeonghyeon' reaction lasts from a few days to several weeks in some cases. Please be aware of this and take it steadily.

Endure, and you will reap.