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Why Cellromax?

Many Pharmacists guarantee the product quality

There are more than 3,000 pharmacists who have been selling Cellromax products in their own pharmacy. They confessed that Cellromax is the best brand that they have been dealing with.

High Repurchasing Demand

Customers has been repurchasing Cellromax products 5~7 out of 10 due to its efficacy.

No1. Brand in Korea Pharmacy

In pharmacy channel, we are the No. 1 in health supplement & beauty area. We make a new way and others follow us.

Why Cellromax Affiliate?

You will experience one of the best affiliate programs and various benefits.

Guaranteed by Thousand of Pharmacists

Not Youtubers or Individuals but the Specialists.

High Repurchase Rate

Hardly found Cellromax's substitution. People keep purchasing once they tried.

Endless Income

60 days of affiliate link cookie and the Life Time Commission with High Repurchase rate.

Cellromax Brand Competitiveness

Specialized and Various Products
Personally tested by Pharmacists
Spreads by word of mouth

Without any sales department and sales people in the company, Cellromax has been grown so fast because of the highest quality of the products, pharmacists' support and the consumer's repuchase.




Nutraceutical & Cosmeceutical



Pharmacies that deals with Cellromax Product and they personally test the products.


Products were sold so far without any public advertisement. Pharmacist's recommendation was the only key that people could purchase.

Things we can offer for Affiliate Marketers

Endless Income

  • You will get 20% of Life Time commissions from all the sales that you earn for the 1 year.
  • After 1 year, when your total sales are over $30,000, your 'Lifetime Commission' period will last until you refuse it.
  • Valid period of affiliate link cookies : 60 Days

Partnership : We care about you

  • We will regard all our marketers as our sincere partners and employees for those who are qualified in activity.
  • We will be your personal consultant of your health Our outstanding pharmacists will support it and you will like it.
  • We will run a Health Consulting board, so that our affiliate marketers can ask us freely about their health condition. Our affiliate pharmacists will be your health manager.

Running Community for Affiliate Marketers

  • We will run a community for our marketers. You will get product and company contents from the community.
  • Marketers can share their experience about Cellromax products/others and marketing strategies in our online community. You will have the community invitation when you receive the email of approval as our affiliate.
  • We, Cellromax, have been running an online community for Korean pharmacists and there are more than 3,000 in the community. Sharing useful information & skills will strongly develop you and all participants.

Free Gifts - WordPress Themes and Plugins

  • We will offer the most user-friendly website builder(Brizy PRO version plugin) for free and you can use it for 1 year.
  • Make your landing pages and websites easy and quick with the builder.
  • Anyone who signs up as our affiliate marketer will get it when they make the first purchase with their own link.
  • Several Famous WordPress Themes and Plugins will be shared for the affiliate marketers for free.


What People Say

Due to Coronavirus(COVID-19), the hospital upstairs is closed. Rain is coming. There is no mask to sell and no people on the street. The news was released that my pharmacy is the one that confirm cases stopped by. All kinds of bad things happened within a couple of days.Still, I’m happy because I’m selling over $700 only with Cellromax Products on the day like this today. Thanks to Cellromax!




What People Say

Atopy began when a 5-year-old boy was 2 years old and was careful with food and using natural products. His neck and body were full of Atopy. I have him use Cellromax products and he showed up in 6 days.I was very surprised. Only traces of Atopy remained and there was no red on the skin at all.It’s been just six days, but this is happening. Amazing and Amazing Cellromax!

M.Y. Lim



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